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Glazed Romertopf-Clay Bakers


Experience the quality craftsmanship and durability of German-made cookware with the Romertopf clay baker. Each Romertopf baker is glazed on the inside with a non-toxic glass frit material to provide a smooth, non-stick surface for perfect slow cooking every time. You’ll never have to worry about harmful chemicals such as cadmium, lead or harmful fillers leaching into your food with this baker, unlike some other options on the market. Foods cook at slow, steady, even temperatures in a naturally alkaline environment to provide the ultimate in moist, flavorful, healthy meals.

Romertopf clay bakers are more durable than their enamel-coated counterparts, and can last for decades. As beautifully detailed as they are functional and durable, your Romertopf clay baker collection is sure to become a coveted family heirloom. Its ease of use combined with its unwavering performance makes tantalizingly tasty, nutritious home cooking easier than you have ever imagined.